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How much can you afford?
The Cost of Renting vs. Buying

Find out an estimate of what you can afford, and whether you should rent or buy, when applying for a mortgage.  For more information about mortgages and what is best for you personally, please Call Us at 949-497-3600 to speak with a Loan Specialist, or Contact Us Online.

This calculator calculates U.S. monthly mortgage payments, 
compounded monthly, based on principal, interest and term.

Amortization (Years) =
Term (Years) =
Yearly Interest Rate (%) =
Principal Amount ($) =
Down Payment (%) =
Down Payment Required ($) =
Mortgage Principal ($) =
Monthly Payment ($) =
Still Owing at End of Term ($) =

Please NOTE: This calculator is for APPROXIMATION only. This is not an offer to lend. Accuracy of the results is not guaranteed. The results of this calculator may vary greatly from the results of an actual loan. Please consult your Apex Associates Loan Specialist for the actual numbers.

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